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At the 12th PAOC in September 2008 at Goudini Spa, Cape Town, raptor biologists and enthusiasts from the African continent resolved to form an African Raptor Network (ARN) with the principal aim of exchanging information about raptor biology and conservation issues across the continent and the western Indian Ocean islands.

The specific objectives of the ARN will be to:
1) Develop and maintain a website on which current news about African raptor research and conservation will be posted (Munir Virani, The Peregrine Fund and NMK).
2) Develop and maintain (by invitation) an internet discussion list server called African Raptors (Neil Baker)
3) Publish via email two newsletters that highlight and report on raptor projects in Africa, recent published literature pertaining to African raptor biology, and interesting anecdotes that showcase the plight of African raptors (Pete Hancock)
4) Agree upon and adopt an African Red Data Raptor List developed by Mwangi et al. This will then be evaluated and updated every four years (or earlier) based on available findings.
5) Encourage and promote raptor biology graduate studies and publications (both popular and scientific) particularly within the Afro-tropical region.


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  • Herivola

    good evining ! I want to become menber at african raptors . I m students , I love bird . what do I should do ! thank you !

  • kennedy kariu

    Some friends of mine had gone to lake turkana,guess what they brought back ,owl eggs,is that strange.

  • Jane Johns

    Finding this site has reminded me,my origanal intereast in raptors,was mostly with African speices,I have spent over 30years studying many birds in Asia,Middleast,of course got hooked on rapid declines and seasonal harvest for decoys and Falcons for Falconry.I am planning trip this spring to North Tunisia to speak with trappers there,has anyone any advice. Again I am pleased to find this site

  • bella

    i really want to know about the eye-colour differences i african fish eagles is ther any significance?

  • Tanya Becker

    Hi, I am the project leader for the Black Eagles in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, South Africa. One of only 4 projects in SA where the Black Eagles are being monitored and we also have a webcam that will go live once the breeding season starts next year. Please feel free to contact me.

  • phil

    I am wing tagging European Marsh Harriers with a green tag on each wing with a 2 letter/numeric code in either white e-maior black. Have a report of one in Senegal. Any sightings please e-mail.

  • Kiran Srivastava

    I work for Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation, Mumbai, INDIA. It will be nice to get periodic updates and reports on the Amur Falcons which migrate through India on route to South Africa. Cheers!

  • Sanjo Rose


    I am part of a team at UCT, South Africa looking at the reliability of Google images to map species distribution.
    Could you please inform me who took the Black Sparrowhawk images on this website?


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